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Fine Wine and Fantastic Friends

Last weekend, I had a few friends that stayed with me at the winery. We haven’t been able to just spend some time together, in a long time. We stayed at the Crush Pad, since there were only four of us that were there, it was perfect. I was going to have everyone stay in the big house, and do some glamping (sleeping in sleeping bags). One of the girls brought me a painting, another one brought me chocolates, and homemade limoncello.

We had reservations for dinner at Buona Tavola, and had a fantastic meal. Then, we went back to the Crush Pad, where we talked and talked into the wee hours. We all got up late, and then decided to walk around the campus. Next up, the tasting room, we hadn’t even had any breakfast, but we were having fun. We didn’t taste all the wine, and I had none, since I was driving.

We were off again, we were heading to the Berry Hill Bistro, where we had some sandwiches and salad. Everything was delightful! I had to pop into the General Store real quick for some ice cream that is made of sheep milk. I made a guarantee to all of them that they would love the ice cream. We were then on our way to the farm so everyone could meet the baby goats, and see the farm real quick.

Then back to the winery to wrap things up, and get all of our stuff out of the crush pad. It was time for everyone to go back home, and good-byes are never easy with fantastic friends! We had our fill of fine wine, and great conversation!

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