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Sarah Martin

Sarah was born in 1799, Sarah Stapleton and David Willis were parents. He was 33 and she was 31.

Sarah had a sister Elizabeth, and Sally. Her brother, Charles was born in 1802.

When she was 17, she got married to James M Willis of Greenbrier County, Virginia. She had a daughter Catherine in 1816, and 1818 she had Count Darrel Allison. George Washington in 1820 was born. Mary A, was born in 1823. James Willis was born in 1824. In 1826 Joel was born. In 1829 Sarah was born. Eliza was born in 1833. In 1835 Rebecca was born. Eliza Jane was born in 1843. Her husband was a farmer, and she was a housekeeper. T

Sarah died when she was 61 years old in Patrick, Virginia. The value of their land was 1250.

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