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Cesarina IX

This is one of more more funny stories. Cesarina could help from calling me and over sharing so much of what she was thinking. One Valentines Day she called me to tell me all about her Valentine experience…

Giuseppe was one of the sweetest men I have ever had the honor of knowing. Every year he bought gifts for Cesarina that were comedy of errors according to Cesarina. He would buy the largest bottles of perfume from the drug store. He purchased daisies that were in a pot, from the local drugstore, but he also purchased a card. One of the mushiest cards that on can find on the shelf from the local drug store.

Well, Giuseppe came to me, and told me that he wanted to know what I thought he should get for her for Valentines Day. I told him, I wasn’t sure what to get for her. Everything I suggested, he told me he purchased before and she took it back to the store. I asked him if he ever had flowers delivered to her. He told me no, that he had always went to the drugstore to get them for her. So, he decided to go with my suggestion.

The flowers were sent to the house. Cesarina called me right away…Did you tell Giuseppe to get me these flowers? Ugh, Are they beautiful? She told me…These are too expensive, and I can’t return them. Ya know, it must not have been easy for Giuseppe to ask me what to get for you? Yes, I know that Kimberly, but I like it when he gets me something that was from his heart. Oh, ok, I am sorry he got you the flowers.

What I thought would be a great day, turned out to be a horrible one for Giuseppe. I felt so bad for him. Then, later Cesarian called me with her plot for the evening to “pay him back”. She was going to put all the long stem roses in the bed, and cover them up with the blanket. Since Giuseppe would not look at the bed before we got into the bed, he would jump out of bed.

That night, we even had to go to dinner, and the tension was terrible. I knew this horrible secret. Could I get away from Cesarina and tell Giuseppe about the plan? Should I just allow the whole thing to play out, and become an accomplice to the scheme?

I said nothing, but as we left I told Roberto about her plan.

The next morning, Cesarina called me to tell me what had happened. I saw that the caller ID came up with her phone number. I took a deep breathe before I answered. I could only hear wheezing on the other end of the phone. Cesarina, are you ok? She could not compose herself because she was laughing so hard. I asked her if she wanted to call me back in a little while. She told me no, she would be right over to my house.

She came over to the house, and she still could not even talk because she was so giddy. I couldn’t help but laugh myself because she was laughing so hard. She told she may even pee herself. She grabbed on to me holding me like she would fall over, but laughing the whole time. What could be this funny. She told me that she had set the trap of putting the long stem roses in the bed, and then she snuck in later to add lots and lots of pepper over the top of the roses.

He never turns the light on to see his bed, he just gets right into bed. This time, as every other time, he got into bed, but he was met with thorny peppered roses. He screamed, and came out of his room sneezing. Then, he had to remove all the roses, and clean up all the pepper, sneezing the whole time.

She said it was the best Valentines Day present she could have ever got. I know one thing for sure, I have never heard anyone laugh so long and so loud. She must have told that story to everyone that was listening. It did seem to get funnier everytime she told it. Even Giuseppe would laugh, and do his little dance, showing us all how he got up out of bed that night.

Cesarina, was never boring, that is for sure!

Here is a photo she took of Roberto and myself in her yard.


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