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In Memoriam

Three of our favorite chickens have lost their little lives this year. IMG_5310

This was Godfather, he was the sweetest rooster. He would follow me around as I fed all the chickens, and he always got a little extra. He would wait until after I fed all the animals in their stalls, then he got an extra helping.


Pimp Daddy, he got his name after he was captured by a coyote. My husband shot the coyote in the leg, and the coyote coughed Pimp Daddy out of his mouth. Pimp Daddy only had an injury to his leg. My daughter and I bandaged him and put him in the nursery to heal. All the hens would come over to the nursery to visit him. He seemed to really exaggerate his limp when the ladies were around his house. He stayed in his special house for 3 weeks. He then left his house to join the rest of the chickens. Now, the poor little guy is gone…RIPIMG_5334

This is Goldie, and she was the first one stolen this year. Our beautiful golden hen. I loved it that she was our super unique look.

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