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Bouba Boumaiz

His work is bewitching. I met him and his lovely wife a few years ago, and feel very blessed to call them friends. He was kind enough to lend a sculpture to us, for the winery. I saw this piece on exhibit at a local gallery. I was fixated. There I stood in the art gallery unable to take my eyes off the magnificence. The hollow eyes, yet deeply transfixed on the viewer.

The headdress of the Great Chief was painstakingly created by Bouba. It is made from steel and copper. The face is punctuated with scaring, which is so beautiful. Is it metaphorical? Is Bouba trying to remind us of how the Native People were treated from the time the Spanish and English? The proud chief has been battered by time and promises. So, now, we have a reminder of the indelible spirit of the people that were here before many others. A reminder of the beauty, strength, and character that is still present here in America.

Thank you Bouba and Mary Catherine for allowing us and the visitors of the winery to cast their gaze on this wonderful piece of art. If you are interested in purchasing this piece please contact Bouba @Bouba on Linked In

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