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Cesarina VIII

Even through the rough times, I always had a few advocates. Lucia, was one of those advocates. When she came over for dinner on Sunday, I knew I had someone in my corner.   I knew that stories about the reality of Italy would be told.

I tried to see things from the point of view from Cesarina, It must have been such a culture shock coming from a provincial area in Italy, and then flying into California in the 1960’s. America, was such a different place, and California was even more free than many other states. The lifestyles of people she met here must have seemed like a circus.


When Lucia came over on Sundays, I finally had another female, and one from Italy…that could reason with Cesarina.

On Thursdays, Ceasarina would clean her house. Monday was laundry day, Tuesday was ironing day, Wednesday was market day, Thursday was house cleaning day, Friday she got her hair done, and went shopping, Saturday was a free day for her, and Sunday was family dinner day. I believe while she was cleaning she would work herself into a frenzy about something that was said between us.

One time, she came stomping up the steps, and I opened the door to her with a list in her hand. She asked if she could come into the house. I said…sure come inside. She gave me the list…LOOK at this…I looked at the list…This looks like a list of gifts that you have purchased for me. She told me I was correct. She wrote every gift she purchased for me, and totaled up the money she could have saved if her son wasn’t married to me. I told her that I never asked for one of these gifts, and I see you have my wedding dress on this list. Yes, she said, I am counting that since it was on my Visa. I paid you with a check, and even have the check you cashed. You told me that you wanted the points, that is why you wanted to put it on your Visa. She told me that she was still counting it as a gift.

She bragged to Lucia that she gave me a “bill” of all the gifts, and Lucia told her that gifts don’t come with strings. Ribbons are different than strings, Ribbons wrap a gift with love, strings are a means of control. Yep, she was beautiful inside and out!

When Lucia came over to the house, she always brought her special dish, Her cheese dip was the greatest…

Here is the recipe… Formaggio di Falcone

What you will need…

1/2 Pound of Grated Monterey Jack Cheese, French bread, cut into slices.

1 teaspoon of garlic powder,   2 tablespoons of mayo, 1 bunch of green onions,

Preheat the oven to 375, Mix all the ingredients, place the slices on an oiled cookie sheet, and add the toppings to each slice of bread. Cook for about 7 minutes, until the cheese melts. Enjoy!




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