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Cow Shopping

Oh boy, the animals are a never ending project for sure. My daughter in is in 4H, and loves it. We both learned so much last year from her being a part of the program. This year she is going to be showing cattle. We already have one cow that is a cross breed, but our second one that we went shopping for recently is an Angus.

We have been wanting to add some Angus on our ranch. We already have a gentleman that runs cattle on our ranch, and we ask him if he would allow us to mix in a few of ours with his herd. He has a cowboy and a cowgirl that russell up the cattle after the babies are old enough to leave their mommas (which is heart breaking, because they cry for each other). So, we have picked out our first heifer that will be a part of the Terreni D Oro Ranch.  Her name is Venus.

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