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Lindsay Goodwin


When I saw that one of my favorite artists painted someone reading near a fountain, I had to purchase it. I have several paintings by Lindsay, but this has to be one of my favorites by her hand. I love all the details that are included, and the water looks so realistic. I have heard from artists that portraying water is not an easy feat. I would not know from personal experience, since my artwork is…UHH, How do I say? Oh right, horrible.

Look at the lilies in the water, and the fish holding up the bowls of water on the fountain. I am guessing the only way this would have been comfortable is a hot summer day, trying to beat the heat. Nevertheless, this painting is perfect in my dining room.

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Inspired Home Expos

Last weekend I spent time at the Inspired Home Expo. I had a wonderful time, and met some wonderful local businesses. During times that there were fewer visitors we would trade food and wine with our stories.

Bren’s Original Blend was my booth neighbor. He and I traded wine, and he fed me some avocado that he hand ground into a paste. It was spread on homemade bread, and then topped with his awesome spices. His booth was crowded all day, and went well with out Red Table Wine. A wine I believe goes well with popcorn and Netflix. Visit his site for a list of all his spice blends.

Velata Consultant…Karen Forth Karen made some fantastic carrots with some seasonings that are packaged, and some key lime cheesecake. It was in fact a no bake cheesecake. Karen is a great gal, and can help women start an “at home business” with Velata and Scensy products. IMG_7484.jpg

The Best Ever Salsa Company  the whole family was there helping, even the three little ones. What an adorable family, and their salsa and chips were super delicious too. I had the HOT, and the medium. They even gave me a jar to take home. It was very yummy. IMG_7489

The Groves On 41 Yummy samples from the ladies at the Groves on 41. Tiny skewers of cheese, bread, basil, and tomato on a toothpick then drizzled with some olive oil…OMG! Those little pieces were so delicious. Check out their website, they have so much to offer…


The Chocolate Statch  offers delicious chocolate bites that are superior. I really loved the raspberry chocolate. Another family that has started a business together. What a delight to meet so many wonderful people. IMG_7485.jpg

Slo Coast Jerky I was a little too busy to try some jerky, but Steve was a great guy…IMG_7487.jpg

Yes Artisan Beverages These were the other ones that I did not get to try, but that doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the opportunity. Check out their website…


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Spartacus is Here

Spartacus was born just the other day here on the farm. He is our first male goat of the season.

When we saw him, we couldn’t believe how strong he was. He looks so independent and strong. My daughter choose Spartacus, as the perfect name for him.

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Momma Mia

Momma mia, the three momma goats are still pregnant, but they have made little nests for themselves. We are awaiting the birth of 6 new kids to add to the herd. IMG_8074

These two are Pinkie (white as the dominate color), and Cutie.

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Since it’s getting close to spring, I am inundated with spring chores. Three momma goats are about to give birth any day now. One baby goat (Jasmine), is about to be weaned off the bottle. I’ve been invited to a “Home Show” to pour wine, and meet people.  Lots of fence work to do, and taxes. I shall return soon!!! In the mean time here is a photo of the Rosemary outside the winery. IMG_8052