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Wake Up Paso

Just the other day, I was asked to be a speaker for Wake Up Paso. My topic for the speech is “What to

Expect in the Wine Industry in 2016”

I am going to start off with a joke…

Full disclosure, I am not an early morning person.

The ones that usually see me this early are our ducks, chickens, goats, donkeys, husband, and kids. Good Morning Paso, My name is Kimberly Morelli, and I am here from San Marcos Vineyard and Winery.

Paso Robles has become a destination. We brand everything in the winery with our name as well as the location. Paso Robles is on the cusp of becoming something very big. We want to offer something unique to visitors of our county and our great little city. What is happening in the wine industry in 2016

(1) Vacation Rentals…We are lucky to have three distinctively different rentals on our property. The Crush Pad, which is an apartment with a fridge and stove with a bedroom loft. There is also a sofa bed in the “Crush Pad”. Reale Leone is our 4 suite Inn, each having a kitchenette. Villa Del Sole, is the main house that is great for families, or parties.

Reale Leone logo PROOF2

Staying on a property of a winery gives members and special guests an opportunity for a more intimate stay that they just can’t get anywhere else. Each winery is different, and the visitor is going to come away with a meaningful interaction that will be treasured.

(2) Social Showing up to pour copious amounts of wine at fund raisers, and events. As well as getting out in the field to introduce yourself.

Social media too, creating # for events. Most of us know of Facebook, but we need to connect on the various social media outlets. Twitter has Hatch-tags and Twitter Parties. Word Press has “link up” parties that allow others to connect with one another. Instagram, and Periscope also utilize hatch tags. Periscope is a live broadcast.

(3) Experiences Making our brand stand away from the pack is a good thing. People are looking for an experience. Having fabulous wine helps, but creating an experience is something millennials are seeking. We are creating “Casa Dell Arte” which will be art center. An art center where people can “paint and sip”, color, craft, mosaics, dance, and yoga. On Saturdays we will offer special craft classes for kids.



We will also offer fly fishing clinics,  since we have a pond.

(4) Events Special events allow members and the public to make the property their very own for a special occasion for weddings or birthday parties. There are many other wineries that are creating their own “special events” setting themselves apart from other wineries, Ancient Peaks with zip line, Vina Robles with their amphitheater, Castoro with their “Beverstock”, and Villa San Julietta with helicopter rides. Later, we will add a museum to our campus.

(5) Cross Promotions Helping another brand, by cross promoting is the future. As we lend a helping hand to a brand they do the same. Pouring wine at a local hairdresser or a boutique helps them get in some people that they may not have had come in the door with out the winery there. The regulars that come into the the boutique may have never tried the wine. Helping each other gives a boost to each other and that is what builds a strong community.

We are all in this together, as we set ourselves apart, we still need each other. Growing and changing is inevitable, if we embrace it…it’s going to be better!


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