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Rhoda Hathaway Wilson

Rhoda was born in 1774 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Her parents were Susannah Hathaway was 22 years old and Leonard Hathaway was 24.

When Rhoda was only one year old, she lived in Virginia where the Continental Navy was established during the Revolutionary war. The British were threatening the supplies going in and out of the harbors. The first ships were purchased from merchants and outfitted with guns.

The book “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, was a popular book for even common people. George Washington had the book read to his soldiers at Valley Forge.

Rhoda married Peter Wilson on February 2nd, 1795. The two of them lived in Montgomery County, Virginia. Lydia and Ruth were born in 1799. Susanna was born in 1801, and in 1802, she had her first son Elijah. Olivia was born in 1808, Rhoda Ella was born in 1809. In 1812 John Randolph was born. Rhoda died in 1840.

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