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Jasmine, Our Bottle Baby

Last week we had to have the vet come out to the farm to check over Jasmine, and her mom, Misty. Misty, had twins, but one of the twins fell inside the water trough and drown. Sometimes, things don’t work out, and the momma goats have babies when we are not at the farm. Our daughter tried to revive the little boy, but it was too late. At the time of the birth Misty must have gotten her teats wet in the water. The vet believes that the water with the baby goat inside may have set up the infection in her teats.

Her teats were not looking so good over the weekend, so we started with a rosemary treatment. Cutting some fresh rosemary from the herb garden, and adding to hot water to make a tea. We then added wash clothes to soak up the tea. When we milked her out, so she would not develop mastitis, which is often deadly, we would cover her teats with the warm wash cloths. We would then dry the teats, and then milk her, and after milking we would repeat the process. Her teats were huge, so there was no way Jasmine would be able to latch on to her teats.

The vet came over Monday, and gave her two shots. He told me “Congratulations, you have a bottle baby.” We feed her now four times a day, and she usually drinks two bottles at a time. She loves cuddling too!

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