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Cesarina VI

In between the first meeting, and Roberto and I getting married we had some fantastic times. She would even call me at work to see what I was doing, and when would be the next time I was coming over to Oakland from San Francisco.

As Roberto and Giuseppe retired to the family room, Ceasarina and I would talk. She asked some questions that befuddled me…Are you a virgin? Uhhh, no, I am not. One time in particular sticks out in my mind. As we were looking out the big picture window, she told me she prayed for me. What do you mean?  I asked of her, she told me that she prayed for a poor girl like me to fall in love with her son, so that she wouldn’t have to take care of him until he died. Oh Wow, I just didn’t know what to say. She had a way of turning anything into a backhanded compliment.

Roberto and I were invited to a dinner at her house where I would be introduced to her friends. As we entered through the door, she commented on Roberto’s pants being wrinkled. She said “You allowed your future husband to leave the house with pants that look like he slept in them.” I wanted to say “Are you f’ing kidding me, I work, and you are trying to put the responsibility of his pants on me.” We did have a great dinner though…

Saffron Risotto







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