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Wine Mixing

Our first time testing, and mixing wines. Five of us, Roberto (my husband), James (Wine Maker), Brady (Tasting Room Manager), Cathy (bookkeeper), and myself. We each are allowed to mix our own blends if we like, and then we do a blind test. Each of us blended a little something. One of my blends came in last place, even I had placed it last, and the other one was not bad. The other mix came in third place for most of us.

It was fun getting the instructions of what we could mix, how much would be left over for another bottling, and how many barrels it would take to make each creation.

There were three that were our favorites, so James is going to mix them according to the formula that each of us gave him. He will then allow 24 hours for the molecular structure to change and the tannins to settle to see how much each has changed. We will then taste again, and then James will have the formula for the one that is the most popular.

We tasted the second round with them settling, and I was the odd ball of the tasting this time. Both of them were fantastic, but I loving the more mellow taste, which did not win the vote. Oh well, it is always an adventure.


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