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Organize and Revitalize

It’s so close to tax time, time to get all those paper ready to go to the accountant. I also like to reorganize the whole house too. I like everything in it’s place, and get rid of the items we don’t use. If I can give something to someone that will help lift their spirits and something that they will utilize…all the better.

What I have got done? Good question…my office is organized and clean. Mud room, organized and clean, I still have one hook to finish. Honestly, I ought to show you a picture of the one I added to the Mud room. It wasn’t good. The screws are still not all the way in the wood. Sooooo, yeah, there’s that… I was smart enough to stop while I was ahead. I did not start the other one. It is still sitting beside the sink in the Mud room.

Pantry, yep, I took everything out, and organized it too. I have not made it to the kitchen, dining room, living, family, and all the other rooms and closets.

It just makes me feel at peace getting this finished and feeling free of the clutter. IMG_7204

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