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Rhoda Ella Wilson Gray

Rhoda Ella Wilson was born in 1809 in Montgomery County, Virginia, her father was Peter who was 37, and her mother Rhoda which was 35 at the time.

By the time the was three, she had brother John Randolph, born on February 17th, 1812.

By the time she was 12, the Saturday Evening Post provided entertainment for Americans. There were also about 100 other magazines that Americans could choose from but this time.

Her brother James Hathaway was born 1821. They were living in Floyd County, by this time. Which was also “Graysville”.

November 6th, 1830, she married James Howard Gray. She was 21 years old. Her first child, a boy, was born December 31st, 1833. Osburn Wilson Gray was their first baby. Eliza was born in 1836, Oclara was born in 1838, James Madison was born in 1840, James Mathew was born in 1840, Joseph Montgomery in 1842, Rhoda in 1844, Myran in 1846, Miriam in 1848, Morgan in 1849, Juliet in 1852, Asa in 1853, Julia in 1854, four of the children died.

In 1863 “The Emancipation Proclamation” was issued by President Abraham Lincoln, and Rhoda was living in the Confederate South. Although, not everyone that lived in the south believed people should be able to own other people.

I don’t know a whole lot of personal details about her life, but I do know that she loved to cook, and she helped her husband in every way. They made the bricks for their house, worked at making furniture, and they had an Inn. The Inn was furnished with the items they made. The stables for the animals were often filled with tired horses and a few mules. 9236425d-5cb2-4e52-ab18-f03b2082df16



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