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Hans Zatzka

At the end of the 19th Century and beginning 20th Century, Hans was a romantic Master painting “Venus with Amor” shows superb composition, and incredible detail.

A painting with many detail, you always find a new detail in this painting.  Hans Zatzka is of course is listed in all major art references, is listed in Davenport’s, Benefit.  Hans Zatzka, also known as P. Ronsard, was an Academic, Austrian artist. While under contract with churches sometimes, artist would take on a pseudonym, which would allow them additional income.

Zatzka was a painter of allegorical subjects, genre scene paintings, and figures. Zatzka spent many years dedicating his painting to the churches and other known establishments of Austria. Hans Zatzka was born in Vienna on 8th March, 1859 and he was a pupil at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Vienna between 1877 and 1882. Zatzka dedicated most of his artistic life to decorating the many churches in Vienna and those in Mayerling, Olmutz and Innsbruck. His religious paintings and altar piece paintings were highly regarded but he was more widely known for his passionate paintings depicting women, fairies and mythological subjects.

His wife and daughters were often depicted in his paintings. They were the muses for his constant works of art that depicted women , which were very popular.hans

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