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Cesarina VII

Just before we were married Cesarina and I got along most of the time. We had a nice time talking about what could be, and would be, once her son and I were married. Just after we were married, on the way home from the dinner, things took the dreaded turn. She told me “I believe my son married the wrong sister.” Wow! Really?

Honestly, my sister is a much more easier going person than I am. She is one of those people that can make a person think the sun rises and falls in their assets…I am not that person. One little bit of information that Cesarina also did not know is that my sister is a lesbian. So, there was no way, no how, that HER son, or any other man was going to marry my sister, unless she chose to do so. She told me this little bit of information on the way back to Oakland from San Francisco while we were riding in the limousine. Cesarina was riding back with us, since she lived right across the street. It was not reasonable to take an additional car into San Francisco.

As we started our new family, right across the street. We had our little rituals. Roberto got up early, and left for work, and I worked in San Francisco. He drove to work, and since I worked in San Francisco, I took BART. We would usually get home about the same time. We would have dinner together, and watch some Sci Fi show before we would retire. We took long walks on Saturdays, and on Sundays we spent most of the day and into the evening at his parents house. I loved our walk back home, with the smell of faux orange in the air. It is a very distinctive scent, that seemingly permeates the soul.

I had HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) which is extreme morning sickness. I love San Francisco, but eating anything, at anytime was causing me to vomit all the time. The smell of the salty air, sickening. The smell of urine getting off BART always was disgusting, but now I couldn’t pass it without adding my own layer of disgust.

I lost weight instead of gaining weight. My mother in law told me “these things don’t happen to women in Italy.” Everyone around me told me “this is in your head.” Since I couldn’t keep anything down, and I passed out in BART. My husband took me to the doctor. The doctor prescribed me Zofran. He also told me that I needed to stay in bed as much as possible or they would put me in the hospital. Oh sure, he didn’t have an Italian Mother In Law that thought I was making up the sickness. Everyone she knew already got over their sickness. UGH! It was such an unpleasant time. I wanted to enjoy being pregnant, but it was difficult. I did read “The Rise and Fall of Rome” out loud while I was lying in bed. My husband thought it was adorable, and would tell me that I was going to make our baby into a politician.

Being pregnant and just lying around was so very boring. Taking the pills made me so very tired. Even on the drug, I occasionally would have a bout of nausea. It wasn’t a happy time for me. I could see the disappointment on the face of my husband when he came home, and nothing in the house was accomplished. Then to top it off, Cesarina would tell him that I was delusional. Why would anyone want to be this sick?

Finally, on an April evening our son was born, and Ceasarina was a grandmother. One thing that always brought us together was food. Here she is holding Sergio. IMG_7323

Here are a few items we had as a first dinner, that I kept down…


Prosciutto wrapped around bread sticks. It is as simple as it sounds!

Eggplant Parmigiana

What you will need…

5 eggplant, salt and pepper for seasoning, 2 Tablespoons of butter, 2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, four tablespoons of all purpose flour, 1 tablespoon of oregano,1/2 cup of purple onion, Four slices of the prosciutto, diced into small pieces, 1 can of tomato paste, 1 1/2 cup of water or chicken broth. 1 1/2 cups of parmigiana cheese. Aluminum foil, Paper towels,

Peel the eggplant and cut them lengthwise into thin slices. Place them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt on both sides. We are pulling out the bitter flavor of the eggplant. You will now want them to stay there for an hour. Then you will dry them with paper towels.

Spread out your aluminum foil, and add your flour, and 1 tablespoon of oregano. Heat up your pan, and add your oil to the pan. Pull each slice of eggplant through the flour and oregano. After the pan of oil is ready, fry each piece of eggplant, fry each side, about 3 minutes. Pat them dry with paper towels.

Clean your skillet for the next round. Use your two tablespoons of butter, add in the purple onion. Once the onion has is browned, add the prosciutto for a minute or two. Add the tomato paste, and 1/2 cup of water or chicken both if you choose. Cesarina used chicken broth if she had it. She always told me that “Americans take everything too serious, you don’t have to follow a recipe to the letter, it’s not rocket science.” The sauce mixture should come to a boil, and it should be a nice consistency.

Preheat your oven to 400, grease a pan with olive oil.

You are going to add some sauce, and then weave in some of the eggplant, then add cheese, then do another layer. Place inside the oven, and in about 15 minutes or after the cheese has melted it is done. You will want it to rest before serving.


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Wake Up Paso

Just the other day, I was asked to be a speaker for Wake Up Paso. My topic for the speech is “What to

Expect in the Wine Industry in 2016”

I am going to start off with a joke…

Full disclosure, I am not an early morning person.

The ones that usually see me this early are our ducks, chickens, goats, donkeys, husband, and kids. Good Morning Paso, My name is Kimberly Morelli, and I am here from San Marcos Vineyard and Winery.

Paso Robles has become a destination. We brand everything in the winery with our name as well as the location. Paso Robles is on the cusp of becoming something very big. We want to offer something unique to visitors of our county and our great little city. What is happening in the wine industry in 2016

(1) Vacation Rentals…We are lucky to have three distinctively different rentals on our property. The Crush Pad, which is an apartment with a fridge and stove with a bedroom loft. There is also a sofa bed in the “Crush Pad”. Reale Leone is our 4 suite Inn, each having a kitchenette. Villa Del Sole, is the main house that is great for families, or parties.

Reale Leone logo PROOF2

Staying on a property of a winery gives members and special guests an opportunity for a more intimate stay that they just can’t get anywhere else. Each winery is different, and the visitor is going to come away with a meaningful interaction that will be treasured.

(2) Social Showing up to pour copious amounts of wine at fund raisers, and events. As well as getting out in the field to introduce yourself.

Social media too, creating # for events. Most of us know of Facebook, but we need to connect on the various social media outlets. Twitter has Hatch-tags and Twitter Parties. Word Press has “link up” parties that allow others to connect with one another. Instagram, and Periscope also utilize hatch tags. Periscope is a live broadcast.

(3) Experiences Making our brand stand away from the pack is a good thing. People are looking for an experience. Having fabulous wine helps, but creating an experience is something millennials are seeking. We are creating “Casa Dell Arte” which will be art center. An art center where people can “paint and sip”, color, craft, mosaics, dance, and yoga. On Saturdays we will offer special craft classes for kids.



We will also offer fly fishing clinics,  since we have a pond.

(4) Events Special events allow members and the public to make the property their very own for a special occasion for weddings or birthday parties. There are many other wineries that are creating their own “special events” setting themselves apart from other wineries, Ancient Peaks with zip line, Vina Robles with their amphitheater, Castoro with their “Beverstock”, and Villa San Julietta with helicopter rides. Later, we will add a museum to our campus.

(5) Cross Promotions Helping another brand, by cross promoting is the future. As we lend a helping hand to a brand they do the same. Pouring wine at a local hairdresser or a boutique helps them get in some people that they may not have had come in the door with out the winery there. The regulars that come into the the boutique may have never tried the wine. Helping each other gives a boost to each other and that is what builds a strong community.

We are all in this together, as we set ourselves apart, we still need each other. Growing and changing is inevitable, if we embrace it…it’s going to be better!


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Oedipus The Chicken

Yep, we have a little roster that just won’t leave his mom alone, so we named him Oedipus. Him and his sister are the first chickens to be born on the farm. From what I read, they are supposed to be the healthiest chickens. Since they grow up around their mothers fecal matter, it helps their immune system. It sounds disgusting!  We don’t use any antibiotics or give our chickens any garbage. They are free range, running all over the farm, playing chicken games.

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JF Jones

I love mobiles, and how they capture our attention. Floating, seemingly in the air, moving with the most gentle breeze. They help to create an environment that is relaxing, and diminishes stress. The ones I have seen that JF Jones creates are just stunning. I have purchased the butterflies, but I am thinking of obtaining another one for the Inn we have. There are different choices for the butterflies, I however went with the copper with the slightly burnish edges. It is magnificent for my office. IMG_7270

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Rhoda Hathaway Wilson

Rhoda was born in 1774 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Her parents were Susannah Hathaway was 22 years old and Leonard Hathaway was 24.

When Rhoda was only one year old, she lived in Virginia where the Continental Navy was established during the Revolutionary war. The British were threatening the supplies going in and out of the harbors. The first ships were purchased from merchants and outfitted with guns.

The book “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, was a popular book for even common people. George Washington had the book read to his soldiers at Valley Forge.

Rhoda married Peter Wilson on February 2nd, 1795. The two of them lived in Montgomery County, Virginia. Lydia and Ruth were born in 1799. Susanna was born in 1801, and in 1802, she had her first son Elijah. Olivia was born in 1808, Rhoda Ella was born in 1809. In 1812 John Randolph was born. Rhoda died in 1840.

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Before we owned a winery one of the most rewarding aspects to us has been being able to help others on the journey. We know it is not easy to pick yourself up from the bootstraps and get on with life. Most people need a little help.

We have charity organizations that we work with to provide a little assistance for not only people, but animals too. We have only been owners of our winery for five months, but we have already helped North County Humane Society, Piedmont Boosters Highlander Classic, Boys and Girls Towns Of Italy, Chamber of Commerce of Paso Robles, Studios in the Park of Paso Robles, Chamber of Commerce of San Miguel, Elizabeth House of Oakland, California, and Corpus Christi School.

As we grow and become a stronger presence we hope to continue to help support these and other organizations.

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Jasmine, Our Bottle Baby

Last week we had to have the vet come out to the farm to check over Jasmine, and her mom, Misty. Misty, had twins, but one of the twins fell inside the water trough and drown. Sometimes, things don’t work out, and the momma goats have babies when we are not at the farm. Our daughter tried to revive the little boy, but it was too late. At the time of the birth Misty must have gotten her teats wet in the water. The vet believes that the water with the baby goat inside may have set up the infection in her teats.

Her teats were not looking so good over the weekend, so we started with a rosemary treatment. Cutting some fresh rosemary from the herb garden, and adding to hot water to make a tea. We then added wash clothes to soak up the tea. When we milked her out, so she would not develop mastitis, which is often deadly, we would cover her teats with the warm wash cloths. We would then dry the teats, and then milk her, and after milking we would repeat the process. Her teats were huge, so there was no way Jasmine would be able to latch on to her teats.

The vet came over Monday, and gave her two shots. He told me “Congratulations, you have a bottle baby.” We feed her now four times a day, and she usually drinks two bottles at a time. She loves cuddling too!

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Will Bullas

This is another one of those paintings that I just could not leave behind at the art gallery. The painting is done on an aluminum square. Just look at how majestic the lion is with his glass of wine. The splashes of red forming a triangle allowing your eye to gently see the whole painting…the red glass, red handkerchief (or pocket square) and his faintly tinted red nose. Hmm, I wonder who will have the nerve to go up to him at a party.




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Healthy Brain, Happy Life 2

Every year for the past several years I have wanted to get my life more organized, more together. One area where I have failed over and over is getting into the habit of working out again. I could tell you that one thing or another comes up, which would be true, but…it’s also a lame excuse. UGH! I want to be motivated to get into shape, and live a happy, healthy life. This is one of the reasons that I purchased the book “Healthy Brain, Happy Life”.

What I have taken away from the next couple of chapters…

Memories that have emotion, are more memorable than others. I love the experiment of learning lists of words, and connecting them through humor. Making a memory of the string of words that are a little nonsensical, but fun. Chester Santos gives a great demonstration of the experiment, and how you can do it too.

We tend to remember what we pay attention to.

Linking and associating something new to something old helps us recall the information better

Emotional memory was really a survival instinct that has been with us since our early days. It helped us with good responses, and dangerous ones. Laughing, crying, screaming, fearful emotions are the ones we remember.

Exercise improves memory and your overall health. When we chant positive affirmations while we exercise it makes us more powerful, and makes the serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine increase in the bloodstream. The more we exercise, the more we make the connection of these properties being GOOD. Adding the affirmations makes your exercise more intentional. These boost your mood more than exercise alone!

What kind of affirmations will you use? I just added “Just Dance” to my Apple TV…