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2 Years of Farming

It is hard to believe two years ago we starting buying baby chicks. We were all city people, only spending some time during summer in the country. My husband spent some of his summers in Italy, and I spent some summers as a camp counselor and lifeguard.

When we decided we really wanted to move to the country we wanted to really go BIG. We researched what kind of animals we would want to raise, and at first we had a pretty long list of animals.

Thank Heavens, we didn’t adopt all the animals that we did research. We wanted to raise chicks since I am a little frightened of flying birds. Honestly, it freaks me out when birds are flying too close to me. We also thought about getting Llama’s for the guard animals for the goats, but we went with miniature donkeys.

Here are some photos of the baby chicks…

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