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Goose is a Goner

Farming is hard work…not only do you have to feed, clean, and take general care of the animals, but the losses are the hardest. We had two geese, but the first one was captured by a fox or coyote. We are not sure what got our the first one to get captured.

Our other one, the one that was killed last week was like an additional guard dog. She would spread her wings and gather all the ducks to one spot. If anyone was coming up our country road it would honk before the dogs would bark. If there was an animal on the property that didn’t belong, we heard the goose.

Last week, our son was taking the dogs for a walk and somehow the door was ajar. It was ajar enough to peak the interest of our big dogs, so off on their adventure they went…Outside to chase the chickens. The goose lured the dogs away from all the other chickens and ducks. Our very own dogs killed our poor goose. I can’t even begin to tell you how awkwardly quiet it is here on the farm now. We miss that goose, and I am sure the ducks really miss their guardian.


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