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Want To Be Great Grandmother

I have always dreamed of finding a fantastic painting of my great-grandmother. I did find a painting that really looks like my grandmother, except from a couple of generations before her.


The painting dates to the early to mid-1800s. I do not see an obvious signature but there could be one buried in one of the dark corners. In addition to this picture being beautifully and expertly painted, it carries both a label and stock number on the back of the stretcher from W. & J. Sloane Company, 5th Avenue, New York. Sloane began as an oriental rug importer and soon added furnishings, antiques and art much like Gumps of San Francisco. They quickly became the store of choice for America’s rich and famous elite. Sloane decorated the most prominent homes in America including the White House and the Breakers Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. So needless to say, this painting has excellent, top-tier bones and the artistic quality to match.

There is also a partial label on the back of the stretcher from some place in London. So this picture could be English.

It is a beautiful painting, and I just love it!

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