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Pismo Beach

Honestly, the name is even adorable. I think I fell in love with Pismo Beach when I heard of it on an “I Love Lucy” episode. When I stayed home from school I could watch old reruns of shows that were from another era. “I Love Lucy” was one of my “go to” shows.

For every birthday I have there are certain things that I like to do. One thing is going to the beach and watch the waves roll in on the beach. This year the waves were so strong that the piers were closed. The wind was really strong too. Looking at the beach was nearly impossible at sometimes, since it felt like little razors were slicing the cornea of my eyes. Yikes!


I also like to go to a church and pray. When I lived out east I used to leave a pair of gloves on the pew. Now, I just leave some money on the pew. A reward for myself twice..once for going into the church to have some quite time to reflect, and the money I always hope goes to someone that needs it.

Go out to eat somewhere I usually don’t go. This year, my daughter and I went to Madonna Inn. We had a little lunch there, and sat at the bar area. We met three older gentlemen that were in California on vacation. I like a little adventure, it makes life more wonderful.

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