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Re organizing

We have been winery owners for three months now. We have invested heavily into this piece of paradise. We added grass to the lawn area, so people can picnic on our grounds. We have added seeds in between each row to conserve on soil erosion, and to add nutrients back to the soil.

We added bocce ball court and a pavilion for people to enjoy watching their friends play some bocce ball. We have renovated the inn, which we have named Reale Leone Suites, which means Royal Lion. We are off the 101, which is named the Camino Real, Royal highway in Spanish.

Now, we are about to embark on yet another upgrade. Finishing off the small event center. A place for people to rent for evening events, and have special events hosted there. We are going to have art, craft, and other activities that will engage people that stay here or are visiting our beautiful area. I will keep you posted as we make progress in this area too.

We have many big plans for our beautiful campus. In the spring and summer we are going to have Friday night movies, with pizza. We will even have costume themed movie nights. Winners will get a free bottle of wine.

Everyday, is an adventure, and moving forward is not always easy. There are days that seem to lag on, and nothing gets accomplished. That is really more of a state of mind than anything else, because we are making huge strides in reorganizing and adding new possibilities to the winery.

Here is a nice autumn photo of the grounds…IMG_7122

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