Joseph Howard Gray

Joseph was born to Edward (35), and Mary Francis Hugo (26) in 1779. The family lived in Pennsylvania. He was born just as America won it’s indolence from Great Britain. His father Edward was a loyalist, in fact he went to jail for his beliefs. He would not renounce Great Britain.

By the time Joseph was 22, he was ready to leave Pennsylvania, and head to uncharted territory for the white man. He met Anna Custer in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and married her in 1802.

After 10 children were born he and Anna were on the move again. This time they moved to Montgomery County, Virginia. There Anna gave birth to three more children.

Their last move was to Floyd County, Virginia, by this time Joseph is 56 years old. He goes on to found a town “Graysville”.  The family is set up with property all around the town, and they are the carpenters of the town. Meaning, they are the ones that make the cribs, and the coffins. In fact they go on to make many different furniture items. He is the first one in the area to build a three story house. Anna dies at the age of 69.  Joseph goes on to live to be 84 years old.

Here is a photo of the house he and his children built.



Here is a map of Graysville, and where each family member lived…

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.36.07 PM

One thought on “Joseph Howard Gray

  1. Jim Gray

    We are distant cousins. Yes Edward Gray (Sr.) m. Mary Frances Hugo. I clearly document them with three son’s, Edward Howard Gray (Jr.), Joseph Howard Gray (Sr.), and William H. Gray.

    Confusing information on Cary Gray actually suggests that Cary was a son of Edward Howard Gray, Jr., who was also m. to a Mary (last name unknown).

    Would enjoy exchanging thoughts.


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