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I can’t believe we have only lived here on the Central Coast, and have flipped so many properties already. I love buying and selling property. We have the best realtor David Crabtree. It took us five realtors to find him. We wanted someone that thought about what we wanted, and where our vision was. He understood us, and knew what we wanted. We had a plan, but it was up to him to find the perfect pieces of property for us.

We sold our property in the SF Bay area, and did a 1031. Which is a trade of equal or greater value. We traded for several pieces, and some of them we paid cash. It takes focus and looking at the BIG picture, but it can be done. I know there are some people that will tell you that it is easy, but it is a long term investment. There are sacrifices that have to be made too.

Anyway, we purchased a nice apartment complex, and fixed every apartment as someone would move out of each one. We renovated the bathroom, and the kitchens. Adding amenities that people want in their home. There is no reason people should still have to deal with the tired faucets that still exist in apartments. We add lighting that is nice, and utilize color throughout the place too.

Here is an example of one of the places that we flipped…IMG_3554Even though the photo looks like the staircase is two different colors, it is Gray. The light in the room just makes it look different. We add new carpet, stone floors, granite countertops, and other amenities that are usually not found in other apartments.

We have also bought and sold a commercial property, as well as condos and beach front property. One of our end goals was to have our Winery, which we have now. Next up, another apartment complex, and a few homes to rent on one piece of property. It is always my goal to have people in the places that appreciate where they live.

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