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2 Years of Farming

It is hard to believe two years ago we starting buying baby chicks. We were all city people, only spending some time during summer in the country. My husband spent some of his summers in Italy, and I spent some summers as a camp counselor and lifeguard.

When we decided we really wanted to move to the country we wanted to really go BIG. We researched what kind of animals we would want to raise, and at first we had a pretty long list of animals.

Thank Heavens, we didn’t adopt all the animals that we did research. We wanted to raise chicks since I am a little frightened of flying birds. Honestly, it freaks me out when birds are flying too close to me. We also thought about getting Llama’s for the guard animals for the goats, but we went with miniature donkeys.

Here are some photos of the baby chicks…

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What’s New At The Winery

Casa Dell Arte, we wanted to create something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. A place that people can explore their inner artist. Not just a paint and sip. We will offer some fun painting projects, we are also going to offer crafts, karaoke, retreats, yoga, free coloring, workshops, dance lessons, and our space can be rented for dinners, parties, conferences, etc.

We want to offer fun experiences with fellow wine loves. A place that is beautiful, magical escape from the everyday. We are pretty excited that we are going to make that happen. We will have a Grand Opening on March 4, 2016 at 5 PM. It will be a coloring retreat. We are all going to sit down, introduce ourselves, and color a page.

We will be planning more events as we get our instructors on board, and decide what “the people” want to do. We also are going to be offering a special Saturday class for children, so parents can relax and enjoy a tasting while the children are doing something fun.

So much of life is about the enriching experiences that we have, and having art and craft classes when you meet some new people is a great way to invest your time. This isn’t about making you into an artist, this is about recapturing that fun we used to have in art class. The bonus is taking home something that has a great story behind it. We hope that you will all check out our calendar, and book something. It will be fantastic!




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Goose is a Goner

Farming is hard work…not only do you have to feed, clean, and take general care of the animals, but the losses are the hardest. We had two geese, but the first one was captured by a fox or coyote. We are not sure what got our the first one to get captured.

Our other one, the one that was killed last week was like an additional guard dog. She would spread her wings and gather all the ducks to one spot. If anyone was coming up our country road it would honk before the dogs would bark. If there was an animal on the property that didn’t belong, we heard the goose.

Last week, our son was taking the dogs for a walk and somehow the door was ajar. It was ajar enough to peak the interest of our big dogs, so off on their adventure they went…Outside to chase the chickens. The goose lured the dogs away from all the other chickens and ducks. Our very own dogs killed our poor goose. I can’t even begin to tell you how awkwardly quiet it is here on the farm now. We miss that goose, and I am sure the ducks really miss their guardian.


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Want To Be Great Grandmother

I have always dreamed of finding a fantastic painting of my great-grandmother. I did find a painting that really looks like my grandmother, except from a couple of generations before her.


The painting dates to the early to mid-1800s. I do not see an obvious signature but there could be one buried in one of the dark corners. In addition to this picture being beautifully and expertly painted, it carries both a label and stock number on the back of the stretcher from W. & J. Sloane Company, 5th Avenue, New York. Sloane began as an oriental rug importer and soon added furnishings, antiques and art much like Gumps of San Francisco. They quickly became the store of choice for America’s rich and famous elite. Sloane decorated the most prominent homes in America including the White House and the Breakers Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. So needless to say, this painting has excellent, top-tier bones and the artistic quality to match.

There is also a partial label on the back of the stretcher from some place in London. So this picture could be English.

It is a beautiful painting, and I just love it!

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Pismo Beach

Honestly, the name is even adorable. I think I fell in love with Pismo Beach when I heard of it on an “I Love Lucy” episode. When I stayed home from school I could watch old reruns of shows that were from another era. “I Love Lucy” was one of my “go to” shows.

For every birthday I have there are certain things that I like to do. One thing is going to the beach and watch the waves roll in on the beach. This year the waves were so strong that the piers were closed. The wind was really strong too. Looking at the beach was nearly impossible at sometimes, since it felt like little razors were slicing the cornea of my eyes. Yikes!


I also like to go to a church and pray. When I lived out east I used to leave a pair of gloves on the pew. Now, I just leave some money on the pew. A reward for myself twice..once for going into the church to have some quite time to reflect, and the money I always hope goes to someone that needs it.

Go out to eat somewhere I usually don’t go. This year, my daughter and I went to Madonna Inn. We had a little lunch there, and sat at the bar area. We met three older gentlemen that were in California on vacation. I like a little adventure, it makes life more wonderful.

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Reale Leone

The campus of  our winery had a bed and breakfast that was on the property that was never finished. The architecture matched all the other existing buildings on the grounds of the winey. We loved it, it really only needed painting, flooring, decorating, and furnishing.

We recently got everything all done, and it is all ready for guests. It has four suits, and 2 lobbies. Pretty soon we will host guests. Reale Leone


Reale Leone logo PROOF2

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Christmas Blogging Miracle

No really, it is true! In 2008, I started blogging. I had a different name and many, many followers. I wanted to log our experience of trying to find a farm, winery, bed and breakfast, museum, along with sharing what I knew about our family history. I spent my nights commenting to other bloggers, every night was a competition with myself to see how many other blogs I could read and comment to each night.

The nights got away from me, and I was up until 3 and 4am. Something had to give. We were in escrow for the first place we wanted, and then it fell out of escrow. Our hopes faded a little, but my blog name had to change. I changed the name of the blog, but lost my followers. Oh sure, in hind sight, I could have emailed all my followers and told them my new URL, but I didn’t. So, I started over.

I have gone to blogging conferences, and I have had so much fun attending them. Bloggy Boot Camp is one of my favorites. I didn’t start my blog to get rich, I just wanted to share my journey. I then thought about sharing what I knew about…art, my new adventures in farming,  bee keeping, my new adventures as a winery owner, taking photographs, making Italian food, genealogy, stories of my kids growing up, gathering everyone for Sunday dinners, and life in our new county. I have many subjects of stories to share. Meeting other ladies at the conferences made the whole experience more fulfilling. Many of us started with Google blogging, and then moved to Word Press. We were meeting many of the people that were followers and friends on Twitter, Face Book, Word Press, Goggle, Tumbler, and Pinterest. We have watched others families grow.

Anyways, I blog in my spare time. I am not a professional, this is my outlet   that happens to be public. On Friday, I have “Family Friday”, it’s the day I share knowledge I have gathered about one of my ancestors. Just recently, my cousin found my site, and commented. She was given up for adoption and had been looking for her family. She knew some history, and enough that led her to find my blog posting. She then took it a step further and contacted me through direct message. I answered, and the two of us exchanged information. I promptly got ahold of my other cousin (her sister) to tell her, and she couldn’t wait to call her. The two of them talked and talked. Now, they are talking and exchanging stories It is a miracle, and a terrific Christmas present for all the lives that have been touched.

So, the moral to this story is, you just never know how you are going to touch the lives of others through your writing. My blog may not make me monetarily rich, but rich in spirit! I feel blessed, I have gained a cousin, and my cousins gain a sister! What could be better? Merry Christmas!!

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Boo Boo’s and Honey

When we first moved to the country it was a little bit of a transition. I had only visited relatives that lived in the country, and had no experience being a country girl. Ya know, you live and you learn. One of my big lessons was never take both of the Cane Corsi out for a walk on a leash at the same time in moccasins.

It was late at night, the wind was blowing cool air in all the French doors. There was the sound of the crickets, and the chirping of the frogs that seemed to sing to us. The chickens are quiet at night, I am guessing it is a survival instinct.

The girls went to the door, and put their huge paws on the door to indicate they wanted to go outside. Everyone was tired, and no one really wanted to walk the dogs. I thought…I just take both of them at the same time. It started off fine. We were walking down our own county road when all the sudden Saddie barked at something hiding in the shadows. I could not see what it was, but both of them were getting harder to hold. Sadie ran after what ever it was, and I tried to hold on to the leash. The two of them drug me over the rocks for a few seconds. I was lying on the road with my pride injured more than my body. Sheba would not leave my side when she heard me moan in pain. She helped me back up, and I limped to the kitchen.

I cleaned up my legs, one of them was more damaged than the other one. I added honey to a wet wash cloth, and then put ice packs over it. Many years ago I read how the Egyptians used honey as an antibacterial shield. I used this method everyday for the whole week. Since my leg was pretty swollen from the road rash. Here is what my leg looked like after the incident. So, after this, I did not walk the two girls together again. Today, is their 9th birthday! Happy Birthday Sadie and Sheba. I still have no idea what Sadie went after that evening, but she came back safe!

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Re organizing

We have been winery owners for three months now. We have invested heavily into this piece of paradise. We added grass to the lawn area, so people can picnic on our grounds. We have added seeds in between each row to conserve on soil erosion, and to add nutrients back to the soil.

We added bocce ball court and a pavilion for people to enjoy watching their friends play some bocce ball. We have renovated the inn, which we have named Reale Leone Suites, which means Royal Lion. We are off the 101, which is named the Camino Real, Royal highway in Spanish.

Now, we are about to embark on yet another upgrade. Finishing off the small event center. A place for people to rent for evening events, and have special events hosted there. We are going to have art, craft, and other activities that will engage people that stay here or are visiting our beautiful area. I will keep you posted as we make progress in this area too.

We have many big plans for our beautiful campus. In the spring and summer we are going to have Friday night movies, with pizza. We will even have costume themed movie nights. Winners will get a free bottle of wine.

Everyday, is an adventure, and moving forward is not always easy. There are days that seem to lag on, and nothing gets accomplished. That is really more of a state of mind than anything else, because we are making huge strides in reorganizing and adding new possibilities to the winery.

Here is a nice autumn photo of the grounds…IMG_7122