Thomas Howard

I am fascinated about the families that felt the need to come to the new world durning the 1600’s. Thomas left England during one of the bloody battles between the Royalist and the Parliamentarians. Thomas landed in Virginia first, but since Virginia was Protestant they did not allow the Catholics to stay. They then sailed to Maryland where they were allowed to practice their religion.

From what I have read I have reason to believe that Thomas was a servant when he first sailed to the New World.   In 1647, and in 1653 Thomas purchased 200 acres, which he named “Howard’s Mound” in the Providence of Maryland. He owned “Beaverdam Manor”. In 1653 He married Alice, she was only 14. Alice was a witness to the will of Edward Shelly in 1653, and in that year she had to give her age. By 1687 Thomas passed away, and his son Peter Howard obtained all the possessions on “Howard’s Mound”.






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