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This week at the winery, we did lots of bottling, I mean all day long that is what we all worked on…bottling. We bottle several times a year. The bottling days are never easy. We have to get up extra early, and start the set up process. the big bottling truck with the sanitation, bottles, wine, pumps gets set up first, and then the capsules and corks are all loaded too. The bottles go in and around the carousel, sanitized, and then filled with wine, then the cork and capsule, then the label. Everything is inspected several times. Making sure there are no wrinkles on the label, the capsules fit correctly, and the color still looks good in the bottle.

As they come off the line the guys flip them around and insert them into the box to make a case, they come off the line, and then they are labeled, stacked, then wrapped in a pallet. Then the pallet is moved to storage before it is taken off the property.

After we already finished several cases, here is what they look like intimidating us…IMG_7002


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