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Three Boys

Our first three boys have been sold. Aladdin, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba were our first male goats born on our farm…Terreni D’ Oro. Aladdin was a little premature, and was born during spring break for our children. Thank heavens, Sabrina (my daughter) and I had to milk his mother to get him to drink from the bottle, and then we would put him to her nipple to encourage him to drink.

Captain Jack, is all black with hints of gold on his ears. He was our favorite, but honestly it was hard to choose a favorite. They were all so darn cute, but having too many boys gets smelly. Now, the boys are all grown up at seven months old. They were off to another farm. A friend adopted them, so we know they will be happy there. Here are some photos of them getting ready to go on their ride to the farm.



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