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Wade McKenzie

I met Wade while we were stuck on our 500 acre property. It was raining out, and we wanted to see the ranch after the rain. We made the adventure on the property, and then we got stuck on the side of one of the hillsides as it started pouring rain. We knew there was no way we were going to get out of the mud without help. We called our friend, and soon here he comes  with an ontourage of other trucks to help us.

We all introduced ourselves, and then everyone set out to get to work on getting the truck out of the mud. Once the deed was finished we headed back to the Bay area, where we lived at the time.

One of my other friends had a set of antlers, and I had to have a set too. They are beautiful, and I knew who the artist was as soon as she told me. Oh, he helped our family get out of the mud. LOL!

Recently, as I was decorating “Reale Leone” our four suite Inn on the campus of San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Winery. I had a place to display those beautiful antlers.

I wanted to give the reader a view from every angle. Just look at the detail. These antlers are made of wrought iron. Where the scalp would be there are leaves, that are also very detailed. The texture of the antlers is replicated on the wrought iron version. It takes months to make each set. They are just magnificent!

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