Family Friday

Philosophy In The Car

When my children were young I used to tell them the car was one place that they could open up, and tell me whatever was on their mind. Over the years they have come up with some very deep questions about everything and anything. Here are some of my favorites…

Why is it that people don’t have to get a permit to have children?

My daughter was the one with this question. She went on to tell me that it would end so much poverty. If the nations of the world would adopt birth control we wouldn’t have the overcrowding and the hunger we now have.

People have to fill out an application to get a dog and cat, yet anyone can have a child. A human being that they are allowed to bring into the world, and some people don’t even know where they will obtain their next meal. They don’t have a place to live, or even have children that are already hungry.

Why hasn’t it been first and foremost that we find ways to separate salt in the water so we can drink it? 

We are willing to pay billions of dollars to get a bullet train, but we are not willing to spend the money to work on our water situation. If we don’t have water, we won’t need a bullet train. It is one of the foundations to survive.

Why are women still subjected to so much sexism? 

We are in the 21st century yet people treat women like they are second class citizens. Words in a song “let me introduce you to my stove”, yikes, people are wanting women to stay in the kitchen. We have a parents that like to cook, but I couldn’t imagine that it would be the job of just one parent when both parents work. It is usually my son that is the advocate for the rights of all people.

Do you believe in God? Why do some people make others feel bad for their choice?

Yes, I do believe, however, I also believe people have the right to have their own belief. If a person is good to others and not abusive…I am willing to listen and learn about what and why they believe what they do. I can’t get behind people that hate the belief of others or are so myopic they can’t listen to what another person believes.

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