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Dennis Bredow

Honestly, I have many favorite artists. I love art! When we were thinking about having a grand opening for the winery we wanted something that reflected us as the new owners of San Marcos Creek, and our family room is full of work from Dennis Bredow, so why not commission him to do another piece for us that will represent what we want to portray to people in the tasting room.

So, I sent him some our labels, and he infused the art piece with some of our wine. Which I thought was brilliant!Β san_marcos

The bundle of grapes is blazed into the wood surface, and the wine stains are real wine stains. Even though the winery was established much earlier, we wanted to stamp it with the year that we purchased the winery.

We are very happy with the results, and are proud to announce that we will have prints available for those that wish to have a print.

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