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Collections and Obsessions…Romance

Romance is in the air in so many ways and so many places in my house that I often lose track. The beauty of people sharing special moments together is beautiful, and knowing that there are many artists that have made it a subject for spectators means that other people believe it is beautiful too. Here are some examples of Romance on my walls, shelves, and tea pots.

MessiaenA young man trying to woo a young lady. This is a detail of the painting on a Meissen vase.

IMG_0367This is a couple dancing. The couple is of German origin. I am not sure about the manufacturer.   IMG_0364 Another Meissen Vase detail. IMG_0368 The dancing couple are a Swarovski couple. She is holding a mask, and he is a Spanish dancer. IMG_0365 This is a detail of a larger painting. IMG_0359 A couple picnicking, painted on a saucer. The manufacturer is Dutch. IMG_0360 A teapot from the Dutch set. IMG_0366 Many couples in a park, this is a detail of the painting. IMG_0362 A couple on a tea chest. IMG_0373 A dancer at a masquerade ball. The grouping is a Dresden piece, which is made in Germany.     IMG_0361 IMG_0370 A teacher and his pupil. This is a painting by Meadow Gist. IMG_0379Even pillows with Romantic themes.

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