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Sad News

Last week as we were finishing up all our farm chores for the fall, my friend Martha and I went to visit the bee hives. We don’t suit up until we are close to the hives. We got a couple of extra supers (extra  boxes that go on top of the hive) in the back of the Kubota. We talked as we went out to the hives, and once we got there, we saw there was not much activity. We didn’t even have to light the smoker or don our bee suits. We walked over and took off the lid to find that the bees were dead. All the bees in the hive were just a pile of bodies. dead bees We were optimistic about the last hive, thinking it may have some live bees in the hive. We opened it to more bodies, the only bees that were in the hive were robber bees. We clean the bee boxes, and then left the bee boxes open for the robber bees to obtain as much honey that was left there. It is a heartbreaking scene for sure. We are not sure if it was starvation, or if it was pesticides. There was so much mustard growing last year, but this year the whole area was just very dry.

We will just wait to see if we get the promised rain, and if we do, we will have more hives. Sometimes, farm life is not fun.

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