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Steve Forney

There is no keeping me out of galleries and museums. One of my favorite local galleries is Just Looking Gallery. I have been looking for the perfect decor for Reale Leone (Our little Inn). I wanted items and art to reflect the area. I wanted to include our heritage, as well as give an air of history through the art.

When I went to visit Ralph (the owner of Just Looking Gallery), and Ken (the manager), they told me of one of the newest artisits, that was Steve Forney. I saw the art work, and I loved it. I commissioned one that was especially for San Marcos Winery.

Once we had Reale Leone all put together it was in a spot that would highlight the art. The small one is the sample, and the one on the wall is the original work of art.

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Pioneer Museum

Recently, I attended an after hours party at the Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles, CA. Before we all got to have appetizers we had a scavenger hunt. There were four groups all the groups had a special color of paper, and we had items we had to find. These kinds of games are fun to me. It was an ingenious way to get to meet others that we have not met. We got to see some cooperation, and some competitive spirit. Most of all it was the small museum. It is called the best kept secret in Paso, but it is a treasure. An interpretation of how the area grew from a land where the Native people of California hunted and gathered, to a small growing town. The history and the items that have been shared with the museum are astonishing. Honestly, I am going to have to go back soon, there was too much to view in a couple of hours.


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Thomas Howard

I am fascinated about the families that felt the need to come to the new world durning the 1600’s. Thomas left England during one of the bloody battles between the Royalist and the Parliamentarians. Thomas landed in Virginia first, but since Virginia was Protestant they did not allow the Catholics to stay. They then sailed to Maryland where they were allowed to practice their religion.

From what I have read I have reason to believe that Thomas was a servant when he first sailed to the New World.   In 1647, and in 1653 Thomas purchased 200 acres, which he named “Howard’s Mound” in the Providence of Maryland. He owned “Beaverdam Manor”. In 1653 He married Alice, she was only 14. Alice was a witness to the will of Edward Shelly in 1653, and in that year she had to give her age. By 1687 Thomas passed away, and his son Peter Howard obtained all the possessions on “Howard’s Mound”.






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Being Grateful…

I am grateful for all the trials and tribulations in life, they have made me who I am today.

Thank you to all the people that have touched my life, good, bad, or indifferent.

Thanks to my parents for giving me life.

Thanks to Dolly, my neighbor, she scrubbed her porch every week, and that fascinated me to no end. She also fed me oatmeal first thing in the morning when I stopped at her house.

Thanks to my neighbor that gave me a piggy back ride everyday to my first school #49. He was like the big brother I never had.

Thanks to my dad for sitting on the porch with me, and listening to the mourning doves.

Thanks to my mom for showing me cocoons on the milkweed plant. I loved waiting for the butterflies to emerge.

Thanks to my sister and brother for always being great friends.

Thanks to the wonderful kindergarten teacher that told me she would miss me.

Thanks to my Grandma Gray for always making me feel special!

Thanks to the boys that lived down the street from me that threw a cherry bomb in our yard. From that moment, I knew I didn’t want to live in that neighborhood.

Thanks to my first grade teacher for telling me I was good enough of a teacher to teach the left handed child in our class how to use scissors.

Thanks to Aunt Mary for teaching me how damn had it is to pick bushels and bushels of strawberries.

Thanks to Aunt Tink for allowing us to spend weeks at her house in the summers.

Thanks to Aunt Sharon for teaching me that driving fast is an art.

Thanks to all my cousins for having so much fun over the years!

Thanks to the community center that I cheered at, played soccer, basketball, and was a bat girl. I also was in many plays,  musicals, and ballets.

Thanks to all the horrible babysitters that I had, you taught me that I was independent and strong. I could take care of myself and my sister and brother.

Thanks to the boys in sixth grade that felt the need to throw eggs at me on the last day of school.

Thanks to the museum I would visit that was out of the area where I was suppose to ride my bike. The visits would ignite a fire within me, that would become a part of who I am!

Thanks to the little library that ran out of books for me to check out without going into the adult section.

Thanks to the wonderful teachers I had in high school!

Thanks to all the wonderful friends I made in high school!

Thanks to my two favorite deans, Mrs Strong and Mr. Shires.

Thanks to the girls that beat the crap out of me because I was weird and they were stoned. It cemented the knowledge that doing drugs was not worth it. Thanks to the guy that helped me as I bled on the side of the street. He walked me home, and made sure I was ok before he left.

Thanks to the counselor I had in high school that told me that “with your lofty dreams, you’ll need to marry a banker.”

Thanks to parks and recreation for hiring me as a lifeguard, it was one of my favorite jobs.

Thanks to my friend that told me to enroll in college!

Thanks to all the boyfriends that were a part of my life, I’m glad we broke up with each other.

Thanks to the dean of history that told me he had never met anyone with as much tenacity.

Thanks to the professor of museum studies that told me that I was going to have a museum.

Thanks to all the friends I made through college, all those years.

Thanks to Indiana University for my degree, proof that the sacrifices I made were so worth it.

Thanks to my niece for allowing me to take you to the theatre, museums, and zoo.

Thanks to Indianapolis Museum of Art, for my first “Career job”.

Thanks to my nephew for being such a sweet baby.

Thanks to Believe it or Not of San Francisco for being my first California job.

Thanks to Yahoo for having early chat rooms, where I would meet my husband.

Thanks to my husband for meeting me that early morning in San Francisco.

Thanks to my mother and father in law for teaching me about your upbringing.

Thanks to my children, for being YOU!

Thanks to all the friends I made in Oakland and Piedmont. I am glad you are not far away from me!

Thanks to the camps that my children attended in the summers.

Thanks to all the friends I have made in San Luis Obispo county.

We are all the sum of our parts, and that includes all the experiences. There are some experiences that I have had that are not something I would ever want to experience again in my life. Even those experiences have taught me life lessons. I lived through all my experiences, and that is a miracle in itself. I am grateful I am alive, and I have the friends I do have. Live life, and learn from what your life has given you. You can grow from each one, and you will be a better person for it.

Live well

Laugh often

Love Much

Learn Always









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This week at the winery, we did lots of bottling, I mean all day long that is what we all worked on…bottling. We bottle several times a year. The bottling days are never easy. We have to get up extra early, and start the set up process. the big bottling truck with the sanitation, bottles, wine, pumps gets set up first, and then the capsules and corks are all loaded too. The bottles go in and around the carousel, sanitized, and then filled with wine, then the cork and capsule, then the label. Everything is inspected several times. Making sure there are no wrinkles on the label, the capsules fit correctly, and the color still looks good in the bottle.

As they come off the line the guys flip them around and insert them into the box to make a case, they come off the line, and then they are labeled, stacked, then wrapped in a pallet. Then the pallet is moved to storage before it is taken off the property.

After we already finished several cases, here is what they look like intimidating us…IMG_7002


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Three Boys

Our first three boys have been sold. Aladdin, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba were our first male goats born on our farm…Terreni D’ Oro. Aladdin was a little premature, and was born during spring break for our children. Thank heavens, Sabrina (my daughter) and I had to milk his mother to get him to drink from the bottle, and then we would put him to her nipple to encourage him to drink.

Captain Jack, is all black with hints of gold on his ears. He was our favorite, but honestly it was hard to choose a favorite. They were all so darn cute, but having too many boys gets smelly. Now, the boys are all grown up at seven months old. They were off to another farm. A friend adopted them, so we know they will be happy there. Here are some photos of them getting ready to go on their ride to the farm.



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Wade McKenzie

I met Wade while we were stuck on our 500 acre property. It was raining out, and we wanted to see the ranch after the rain. We made the adventure on the property, and then we got stuck on the side of one of the hillsides as it started pouring rain. We knew there was no way we were going to get out of the mud without help. We called our friend, and soon here he comes  with an ontourage of other trucks to help us.

We all introduced ourselves, and then everyone set out to get to work on getting the truck out of the mud. Once the deed was finished we headed back to the Bay area, where we lived at the time.

One of my other friends had a set of antlers, and I had to have a set too. They are beautiful, and I knew who the artist was as soon as she told me. Oh, he helped our family get out of the mud. LOL!

Recently, as I was decorating “Reale Leone” our four suite Inn on the campus of San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Winery. I had a place to display those beautiful antlers.

I wanted to give the reader a view from every angle. Just look at the detail. These antlers are made of wrought iron. Where the scalp would be there are leaves, that are also very detailed. The texture of the antlers is replicated on the wrought iron version. It takes months to make each set. They are just magnificent!

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Allegretto Vineyard Resort

When it was raining, my daughter and I took a little detour to go see the new hotel in Paso Robles. the Allegretto Vineyard Resort. It is magnificent! We were greeted by my Ayers, the owner of the hotel. He and I chatted with one another about the place, and then we went on a little tour.

I left him three bottles of wine from our winery, and left happy with the newest hotel in Paso Robles. Here are a few photos I took…

Hotel IMG_6978 IMG_6980 IMG_6975 IMG_6976

Saturday Special


Shopping for a great blouse, skirt, or sweater is so easy here in Paso Robles. I have found a great friend, and an owner of a boutique. I just love the items she has for sale, and the prices are fantastic. Cotton fabrics instead of the poly blends. Wonderful selections and all sizes. The staff is helpful, and friendly too, which always helps.

Last week, I poured wine at the Elegant Evening event. Here are some photos I took of Jayde all decked out for Christmas. Jayde IMG_6970 IMG_6972