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Remodeling That House? Part 2

We made it through those 10+ months of renovation hell. The construction guys were super sweet, taking care of the children, cleaning up every day after the construction was very difficult. Here were the results of all the hard work…Front  We sure did love our house in Oakland, California. We lived in the beautiful are of Rockridge, in Oakland, California. We opted for this wrought iron gate around the house. It was stepped back at the entrance. Everyone had a hand in the choices of the fence. My daughter picked out the hearts, her favorite shape. My son picked out the baskets in the center panels of each part of the gate. 40630040_1_2

Living roomThis was the living room with Bradburry and Bradbury  walloper on the ceiling.

40630040_5_2The living room looking into the dining room.

40630040_14_2The backyard looking at the house.

40630040_21_2   The vanity area upstairs.  40630040_11_2 Another view of the backyard. 40630040_12_2Obviously, we loved the yard.

40630040_25_1Upstairs chandelier.  40630040_10_2Kitchen with eat in kitchen. 40630040_9_2Another view of the kitchen. There were 4 full bedrooms, and an office upstairs and in the basement. As well as an area downstairs for laundry, and sitting room.

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