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Baby Donkey

We have another baby…we have a baby donkey. His name is Snickerdoodle. Here are some Taking a nap after being born on the 17th of September.IMG_6672 First day with his halter. IMG_6616Getting cleaned up after his birth.IMG_6674A whole day with his halter on his face.

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Ray Hunter

Ray Hunter One of my favorite watercolors that I own. The watercolors of Ray Hunter show such dimension in the reflections on the water. Getting lost in the the rippling water gives such a overwhelming feeling of relaxation. One can almost hear the water splashing against the boats, and the boats rocking to and fro against the the concrete. A sense of calm washes over the viewer, with warm colors on the buildings, and the cool water in the foreground. Inhale deeply and enjoy the time viewing this beauty.

San Luis Sunday

Tiny Town of Templeton, California

A small town here on central coast has GRAND hearts. A young man, Issac Lindsey, was injured during a high school football game. Isaac, is now in critical condition, and is in an induced comma. This young man is only 16 years old, but is beloved by his community. In fact, everyone in the county has heard of this young man. The town changed the “T” on the hillside to the letter “I”, and every destination in the county there is at least one car with “32 Strong” or “We love you Issac”, or “TeamIssac” its amazing to see this small town coming together to support someone.

There is a a “Go Fund Me” page for him.

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What Would You Do?

Finding yourself locked in a museum overnight….What would you do?

I have been in the backrooms of museums. It’s so quiet, the mind starts seeking sounds. When I worked at once museum we had to utilize our i.d. badges to get access into the storage room. Once inside, the door is locked. I was in there to do inventory. Painstakingly add a tiny strip of white paint in an area, wait for it to dry, and pen the number of the item. Check the item for any wear, chips, or flaws and make notes of what was found on that date. There would be times that I was really engrossed in my work, and other times that sounds would occur. In the storage area, the lights were on a motion sensor too, so not only was it quiet, it was also dark in some area. It was also a huge space. I kinda wanted to hum to myself to bring a little comfort to my well being. It was spooky, but not too frightening.

Would I want to touch everything? No. I know that touching items destroys them. Our salt and bacteria are not good for the paintings and other artifacts. I would rather read about the history of the item, as the item is before my eyes. It is more compelling for me.

How would I spend the night? I would walk around from room to room. When it was time for me to sleep, I would go to the auditorium, planetarium, and if they did not have either, maybe the cafe.

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Today, it has been a week now that we are owners of a winery. San Marcos Creek Vineyard . We have some new members, and have had friends come and visit too. We already have work being done on the bocce ball court, and some new plants put in the yard.

By next week, I will show you all the new court. This week we will be starting on the bed and breakfast. Painting the rooms will be the first stage, and then flooring, and then furnishings. We will add “Reale Leone Suites” to Air B & B. My niece is working on the artwork, so I am anticipating our royal lion to look fantastic.

Last week, I also took a cases of wine to some choice restaurants. I will be doing that again this week too. I hope to hear that at least one will choose our wine to pair with their food.

Here is a peek at the “Reale Leone Suites”…

Reale Leone

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Baby Chicks

Here are two baby chicks that were recently born. Once we found them one evening in one of the other chicken houses, we moved them over to the nursery where they would be able to grow up and bond with Dovie. These two don’t have names yet. We are not sure which one of the rosters is the father. We do know that bantam females adopt other chicks, and Dovie is very protective of them. We usually wait about 6 to 8 weeks before we let little chicks outside, but this is our first mama and babies together, so it has been even more exciting to watch them grow. Dovie and chicks