4 H

My daughter joined 4H last year, since we have only lived in the city all our lives, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Throughout the year, I have learned so much about lambs. Although there are many different animals to choose from, my daughter wanted a lamb. 

Every week, the children had to research an aspect of raising a lamb. Each child had to do a presentation. I really looked forward to going to the lamb meetings. The children learn so much, not only research and public speaking. They also learn how to run a business 

Each time we went to farm supply my daughter would add that to her booklet. Along with time she spent with Bruce Lee, how much he was fed, watered, exercised. She learned how to shear a lamb. Being a farmer has always been her dream, and joining 4H has helped her get closer to realizing her dream!

When it came time for the fair, she was poised and professional. She knew after the fair, he would go to slaughter. Someone was going to purchase him to make lamb chops. Bruce Lee had a great short life, and I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter for chasing her dream. 4H has been such a positive impact on my daughter, and myself! 

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