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Mid State Fair

Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, California is something we look forward to every year. This year was even more special since my daughter entered her lamb, Bruce Lee into the 4H program. The week we were there was very long. The kids were there first thing in the morning feeding their animals, cleaning up after the animal, and taking them for walks. Then they all would huddle together to play cards while people came into the barn area to ask questions about the animals.


It was just the year before that we were the outsiders looking into the barns, and asking questions. The 4H kids and the parents made us all feel welcome, so we wanted to extend the courtesy. The rule of not checking their phones every minute was a good one, I really appreciated seeing the kids playing old fashioned games, and really interacting with each other. cows

The rides, animals, food, and the passion that goes into creating this family fun event are just so wonderful! The biggest little fair in the country is what it is called, and this year we could see the effort first hand that goes into making this so fantastic!!


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