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Really, the only word that comes to my mind when I look back at the incredible journey we have taken. We started off in a small house, with our small children.Paying bills Back then, we invested all our extra money into our property. We didn’t have money for vacations. Going to a park on Thursdays and the zoo on Friday was like a mini vacation. We would also go to museums around the SF Bay area, antique stores, and  exploring our neighborhood.

Lots and lots of cooking with the children…Cooking classes We made our own play dough, and for every letter of the alphabet we made a dish together for that week. The kids loved to cook, and later would go on to cooking camp. Our weekends were filled with wagon rides up the hills of Oakland…Wagon Along with lots of yard work…Small house Monterey Aquarium was one of the kids favorite places to go, so we visited as often as we could. The photo below, is one of my favorites of my mother in law with my son. He was a star in her eyes.

Even though we didn’t have much back then, we have always made the most of what we have had. We have been on a course to chase our dreams, and teach our children that anything is possible with hard work.

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