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Collections and Obsessions…Limoges Boxes

in the casket Each one the boxes are hand painted in France. The Limoges brand has been around for ages. It all began in the 1700’s. The first boxes held needles, because they were so expensive and rare. Even today, it is a custom of the “old world” to give back any needles that were given to you. If you utilize your needles on something that needs to be hemmed, the seamstress will give each one back to the owner if they are from the “old world”. The superstition is…if one keeps the needles of someone else, they become bad luck.

Any way, the box above, holds tiny bottles. They may at one time held perfume. casket These little beauties are fired multiple times, and at a tempeture of 1400 degrees.

mail boxHere is a mailbox with a tiny letter inside…


CafeEspresso machine

hear, see, say These three cats I purchased from one of our favorite antique stores in the SF Bay Area. They were being sold separately, but how could I purchase just one?

Burberry bag I own a Burberry bag just like this one, so it was a must for my collection.

suitcaseYep, Louis Vuitton!

LV pet bagL. V. pet carrier, with no hesitation. Just look at the detail of the animals.

IMG_5878 Tiny works of art

IMG_5875Work of art that is butterflies…

fish bowlFish bowl, and a birdcage IMG_5877

shopping Shopping bag, and when it is opened, it reveals a handbag.  mask A venetian mask, since it is yet another obsession of mine. Yep, I have problems. piano This is a piano, with gilded gold. These are just some of my favorite ones. It would be too embarrassing to show all of them.

What kind of collections do you own?

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