Family Friday

Joseph W. Doyal

Born in 1883 on July 2nd, to Clarissa Pittman and William D. Doyal

In 1900, when we was 17 he resided at home with his parents. Along with 2 brothers and three sisters. They lived on Bismarck Street, and their father was a carpenter.

November 10th 1903 he married Amber Alice Cook.

By 1910 he was married to Alice, and had a daughter by the name of Opaline. They lived at 2109 Lambert Street. He was a contractor, and rented their home.

Joseph Doyal

In September of 1918 he registered for the draft. His card says he was tall, slender, and had black hair and grey eyes.

His World War I Serial Number was 3316.His address was 2122 W (illegible), Indianapolis Indiana. He was 35 at the time. He checked the box for “white”. He worked for C.B. Morrison as a motor (illegible). At 901 West 81. Indianapolis. His closest relative was Opaline Ester Doyal. She lived at 623 West South Street in Indpls.

1920 he came back to live with his parents. 2122 Minnesota St. He lived at home with his three sisters.

July 2nd 1921 he married Mary F. Burch.

1930 Joseph was married to Mary, and they lived at 1333 Lee Street. He owned the house, and the value was 3500.

He marries for the third time to Bertha J. Dotta Carnagua.

At the age of 59 he registered for the draft for World War II.

Sometime after the war he moves to San Bernardino California, and that is where he died at the age of 81, in 1964.


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