Terreni D' Oro Tuesday


We do have rattlesnakes on the farm. If the rattlesnakes are far from the animals and our house, I don’t bother them. They kill gophers, mice, and ground squirrels. All vermin I can’t stand to have at the farm. 

Last year, I killed a rattlesnake with a shovel. This year, I have killed two this year. The first one I killed this year, I shot. I got my pistol, and felt like BOND, Contessa Bond. I aimed just a head of where it was going and BAM! Got it! Went inside the house, locked up my piece, went to get the ax, chopped off the head. It took me three swings of the axe to get his head away from his body.

Just yesterday, there was a rattler under the bedding straw. My daughter came to get me, and we went to take a look. It was under the pallet. I took the pitch for and stabbed it, and then cut the head off with the shovel. I then left it for the vultures. 

Living in the country, you must be prepared to do just about anything. Rattlesnakes near the house or barn are not acceptable. If they are near the house that means that their home is 150 ft. I have read they don’t venture any further than that from their home. 

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