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Collections and Obsessions…Skulls

How does a curator not collect? It is part of my DNA. Before crystal skulls were even popular I had a collection of them. The silver skull I purchased from England. It has a working mandible. There is a bronze skull like this one outside a church in Italy that is rubbed for good luck. Skulls seem to go in and out of fashion in cycles.  

Some of the earliest evidence of utilizing skulls of ancestors was in Jordan. Later people would make a wax death mask to remember and worship their loved ones. They often prayed to or used them as an intercessary. 

In crypts,not here are skulls that have been given a royal treatment, jewels, rosaries, and flowers bestowed on a particular person. At one time in Italy the Catholic Church forbid the worship of skulls, but that order did not last for those that were regular visitors broke into the crypts and left gifts anyway.

At different time periods throughout time, art displays skulls in a still life, often there is a butterfly near the skull. We see the metamorphosis, new life just beginning, and a life that no longer exists. Vanity too, another aspect of life that fades. 

There is beauty in a skull. A reminder to live everyday, a reminder that beauty exist in all aspects of life. A reminder that at one point we are all going to die. 

My first crystal skull I acquired from Sherry Whitfield, she is the guardian for the synergy ancient crystal skull.  The belief is since it is crystal it vibrates on a frequency that gives energy. This skull has been “energized” by the ancient skull that Sherry has in her possession. There are gatherings of people that take their skulls to ceremonies.

Then I got a golden healer moon skull…this is one of my favorites. I never knew there was such a gemstone. I love the swirls of patterns in the stone. This one is carved by a couple. Eric and Susan Youngman, have their business carving there beautiful stones into pieces of art. Soul2Shine just click on the name, and you will be taken to their site.

Moon Quartz, each gemstone has different attributes. Used for connecting to the mystic realm. Also great for meditation.

Pink Kyanite is utilized to help to settle disputes. Many priests of various religions carry stones to give the energies from gemstones. Breast plates often displayed a variety of gemstones for harmony, the gemstones were selected with the strengths and weaknesses of the wearer in mind.

Clear crystal Quartz, one of the most popular of the skulls. I believe it is because we can see ourselves in the reflective qualities of the stone, therefore we project and are allowed a deeper connection with the clear Quartz.

Russian charoite, this is a rare stone. It inspires service to others.

Sodalite, understanding of truth, and idealism.

 Red Fiesta Jasper, is used by shaman as protection. It is a sacred stone among Native Americans. It is attributed to magical powers.

Yellow jasper, defecting petty gossip. Encourages constant learning.

Obsidian, protects from negativity, and gives the gift of prophecy.
There are volumes and volumes that give more detail on each stone. There are also websites that go more into detail about gemstones, their history, and how they were utilized over time.  Click on the links I have given for a great start.

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