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Cesarina…the Woman behind the name III

While working at the Ferrari Villa, Cesarina meets her soon to be mother in law. One day while shopping at the village market in Carrara, Emillia approaches Cesarina. As she was smelling the fresh zucchini flowers Emillia asked Cesarina if she was related to Sophia Loren. She immediately had a grasp on the heart strings of Cesarina. 

Emilia told Cesarina she had a son that lived in America, and she was looking for the perfect italian girl for her son. Giuseppe and Cesarina started writing to each other, or actually….Cesarina wrote to Giuseppe. He kept every letter she wrote to him. He would call home, and they would be able to talk on the tele to each other.

He sent care packages to her, and his mother. Soon their long distance relationship was blooming. Cesarina became a part of his family,while he lived in San Francisco. She grew to love her new family, visiting them on her day off from the Villa. 


Guiseppe drove a delivery truck for an Italian florist. He knew all the shortcuts to reach destinations in a hurry. Even the banks liked it when he brought in fresh flowers for the day. Cesarin was excited and anxious about living in United States. She got to know the family and felt at ease with them, but it was a big step to travel at “the end of the earth” as California was called by so many of the people she knew.

Now, she had to tell the Ferrari family that she would no longer be with them. Maria was like the intellectual mom she yearned for all her life. It was heartbreaking for her to allow herself some happiness too. She had spent nearly 20 years with the Fearri family. She listened to the valuable advice Maria gave her, and saved her money. She had enough for a ticket to fly to California. 

All she had were photographs of him, and this was one of her favorites. Saying hello to her new life, meant she would have to say good bye to her beloved Italy, and her loved ones.

First she said good bye to her father. Her stern father that had her taking cows out to the field by the time she was seven. The man she sent most of her money to every time she was paid by the Ferarri family. The man that set her on this path.

Saying good bye to Maria. A woman that taught her about so much…how to clean house, keep house, cook, take care of clothes, distinguish good fabrics from the best fabrics. Living at the Ferrari Villa was like a college education, and finishing school all in one. Maria gave Cesarina a new world. When Cesarina told the Ferrari family she was leaving someone (I believe it was Stephanie) said “your going to America on a plane, but you will be back on a boat”. 

Next time…Cesarina takes on America 

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