I am an avid reader, but I tend to like non fiction more than fiction. However, I do like historical novels, the weaving of historical information with the spice of some fictionalized characters. Although the death of characters I like in the story are a little hard to digest. Sometimes, I have to take a break from reading the novel to mourn the death of the character. 🙁


Recently, I have been reading “The Mirror of the Gods”, which takes us back to the thinking of the artists of the Renaissance period. The symbolism is rich in paintings throughout this period. The life of an artist is a hard life, one is counting on a commission from patrons with money. The patrons are all embroiled in political favor or disfavor. An artists had to be careful who they were in alliance. If the artist chose the right person, they could eat for life, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. If they did not chose the correct patron they would have to search for someone else that appreciated what they did.

Some of the best patrons to work for were “in” one month, and “out” the next. The Pope and Kings had the most power, and going against one or the other would amount to exile or death. Back then, whispers about someone could get a person killed. Imagine adding to a painting some Pagan aspects that were obvious to all… this could result in death too.

It was a fascinating time in history, like so many other times were. What is on your reading list?

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