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Military Men in May…James Snodgrass

James Snodgrass is my 5th Great grandfather. Born in August on the 2nd in 1732 in Richmond, Virginia. He was married to Jane Greenlee when he was only 19 years old.

He was a part of the Revolutionary war, and participated in the war. These men took what ever weapons that they had in their home. Some had muskets, some owned rifles, then there were some that only had an axe. They must have had strong convictions to take up arms against such a well heeled, machine like the British. The British were outfitted with uniforms, of bright red wool, and leather boots that were comfortable for those long hikes, ruck sacks, provisions. The men that took on the British at this time were brave beyond belief. These men had no training. Some had no idea what war was going to be like, and how to prepare for getting from one destination to another. James Snodgrass, just like all the men that have served our country did so with vigor that was needed to form our country. James was a Major, and then a Col. in the Army under William Campbell. His brother William was a Chaplin in the army, in the same outfit.  He was part of the battle that took place at  Kings Mountain.


After the war, James acquired land in Rockbridge County, and was given militia payment for provisions that he provided to his regimental outfit. He went on to have 5 children on his farm, and even served his community for disputes that arose between them. When Jane died he remarried, and died at the age of 68.

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