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Thomas Row

Thomas Row was born March 7th 1754 in Gloucester County, Virginia. He wore many hats in his long life. He was a farmer, revolutionist, grist mill operator, justice of the peace, High Sheriff, school commissioner, magistrate, and a slave owner.

Thomas married Rachel Keeling, and the two of them went on to have 13 children. In 1774 Thomas would join the rebels against Great Britain. He was under the command of Captain Thomas Gaskins   4th Company of the fifth regiment foot. The regiment served in Virginia until the autumn of 1776. The regiment was then transferred to George Washington’s Continental Army. Gaskins saw action in 1777, at the “Battle of Brandywine”, and the “Battle of Germantown”. Thomas Row spelled his name with ending with an e, and sometimes without the e. The scribe for the unit would often spell his name as WROE. When his time was served he mustered out on March 5th 1778.

Thomas the began purchasing land in Orange County and moved his family there in 1779. He would go on to acquire 400 acres on both sides of Mine run. He operated his grist mill, farmed, and served his local community as the magistrate, justice of the peace and sheriff. When he died at 86 he was acting as High Sheriff. He was appointed as High Sheriff by the Governor of Virginia.

The special collections department at the University of Virginia has “Rachels Book of Common Prayers”. It has pages with her handwriting of the names of birthdays of her thirteen children. It also has the names of birthrates of 39 slaves born between 1793 and 1839.

Rachel died when she was in her 70’s. Thomas remarried after the passing of Rachel. He and Sarah Shadrack would obtain prenuptial agreement, since each of the them had a substantial sum of money to bring to the marriage. Each of them wanted to be able to give their children an inheritance.

Just to give you an idea of what was appraised, and the prices for the appraised goods, here is an image…Appraisi

Thomas had a total of 22 slaves at one time. If you are interested in finding out more information about Thomas, there are more images of documents at Ancestry 

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