Therapy Thursday, Throwback Thursday

Rockridge, A District in Oakland

We lived in Rockridge, a district in Oakland, just two short years ago. We loved living in Oakland. I know, I know, people say that it is dangerous, and it is the ugly step sister of San Francisco. Oakland has some great restaurants, and beautiful parks. The Rockridge area is beautiful, in the hills, there are staircases that lead all around the hillside. Zachary’s Pizza is one of the best pizzeria”s in the country. One year it was part of the top ten in the country. Barney’s is one of the best burgers in California, I prefer the pesto chicken, but the rest of the family always ate the burgers. These are only two of the establishments that are on College Ave.

We often would walk from our house to College Avenue to shop at Rockridge Kids, or the antique shop. There are a couple of book stores that we would browse. I don’t recall ever going home without a book. We would stop every time at Market Hall, which is like an old fashioned market. There is a flower shop, bakery, fish market, butcher shop, and small market. The children were allowed to chose one cup cake before we walked back home.

Living in the city was a great experience for the children, walking to each of our destinations. We visited the zoo’s of the Bay Area every Friday, went to a park every Thursday. We are grateful for our experience of living in the city of Oakland. I know there are many people that love the city. Maybe someday it will get the respect that it deserves. Rockridge

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