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Ceasarina; The Woman Behind the Name

My mother in law was Cesarina. With a name like Cesarina, her father must have known in some, she was destin for bigger things in her life. 

  She came from a life of poverty.  She made a new life for herself in America. She was the oldest of seven children. She was born in 1935 in Drusco, Italy. It is a small town in the district of Parma, Italy.

Since she was the oldest, she was responsible for moving the cows. At an early age, about 7 years old, she had to hike out on the mountains by herself with the cows. She would always tell me how much she hated the smell of animals, and it was all due to moving the cows everyday of her young life.

She would get up early and milk the cows, bring the milk into the one room, stone house for her mother. Her mother would utilize the milk to make cheese. Her father spent time hunting, and Ceasarina had to set off with the cows. Making sure they stayed off the property of other people. Making sure that all of them were accounted for each day. She told me about one time when she lost a cow. She was sitting under a tree, daydreaming about a different life. A life far from the country life that she had known all her life. As she sat under the tree one of the cows gave birth to a calf, and disappeared. She frantically looked and looked for the cow. She stayed out past the time when her parents were expecting her, and did not look forward to going home to her her fathers anger.

Once she got home, she got a beating by her father. Life was much more harsh in those days, and the loss of a cow was a big deal. We can try to bring our 21st century judgement into the equation, but that is not going to change what has already transpired.

While she was young her view of Americans was an unpleasant one. She grew up in a small town where many of the plans of World War II unloaded their bombs. The children thought the Americans hated them. They would hide as the bombs were exploding around them. It was a tumultuous time for the world. The children of her village wondered what was it they had done to America to get them to hate this little town in Italy.

One good memory that she shared with me was when she predicted that a calf was going to be born to a cow that was very old. The men of the town thought it was impossible, but she knew in her heart that the cow was going to give birth. Once the calf was born, her father was proud of her, and this always brought a smile to her face. Knowing that there was a moment in her life that her dad appreciated having a smart girl.

Around the age of 13, she was old enough to help her family. She worked as a maid for the Ferrari family. This move to a Villa would turn out to be a turing point in her life. (more next week)

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Rainbows on the Farm

One thing about the beauty here on the Central Coast is unparalleled to anything I have ever seen. Here are some shots I took of the rainbows recently after we had a rain storm.

Rainbow on the farm then there was a double rainbow too…

double rainbow  Some clouds and sunshine mix…cloud porn Full arching rainbow

IMG_7420   Looking toward the northIMG_7423Looking toward the southeast.

Photography, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Kids Meeting Each Other

Just yesterday, we combined our moms Cutie and Starbright in one stall. The kids Aladdin, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba are sharing the stall with their moms. The boys can’t be mixed with the girls just yet since the moms may go after the doelings. We will wait another couple of weeks so they can all play together. Captain Jack Sparrow and Simba will be sold, and Aladdin will stay with us since he was our first born farm animal on Terreni D Oro.

We did allow the girls (Tinkerbell and Wendy) to meet Aladdin, so here is a photo to show you…WendyTinkerbell on my leg

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Bill Rhea

I have so many favorite paintings, but this one has a special place in my heart. The sky looks like it is a perfect day, yet the shadow of the building allows a cool escape from the heat of Sienna in the summer. The smell of history almost hits the viewer immediately. The fiat in the foreground screams modern world. The shutters to keep out the sun, and allow the residents shade inside their home. The wrought iron street signs, the sound of the sign gently swaying back and forth when there is a strong breeze. The echo of the cars going through the tunnel to exit the historical town. Electricity, wraps around the medieval buildings, and almost blends.

The clash of the two in such a beautiful location allows introspection of those that were here before us. The dedication to build all the buildings without modern machinery. The buildings that fell, yet the determination to find a method that was going to keep them upright and useful.

How often did the builders stop and start? So many people have been in this exact same spot…What has happened? Love, death, children eating ice cream, goats going to the country, Roman solders marching back and fourth the Rome. Something about Italy, is so fulfilling to me. The sights, smells, the people.

Every time I look at the painting, I am almost lost in another world. Do you own art that transports you?Bill Rhea

San Luis Sunday

Beach Time

My last outing was at Pismo Beach. I love having some therapeutic time at the beach. Just sitting there on the beach watching the waves roll in, and listening to the hypnotic sound of the waves sneak in, and some roll in slow.


Watching the lady bugs creep along the sand, and warm up enough to fly away. Some of them were landing on my pants, crawl and then fly away with their tiny shell. I believe even today there are a few lady bugs flying in the house, must have brought them home from the beach.

Give yourself some time to just relax for a few!

Saturday Special

Baby Kids Everywhere…

Since three doe’s of our herd were about to give birth, I have barely had a moment to myself. Cutie, is our smallest in size of our Nubian goats, and we guessed that she would be the last one to give birth. Every night I was out feeling their rump, seeing if I could squeeze my thumb and index finger together. Since this is one of the signs that she would go into labor soon. On Good Friday, Cutie delivered a baby buckling. We named him Aladdin. He could not stand for about 36 hours, so we had to milk Cutie, and feed him with a bottle. Cutie and Aladdin

We purchased an Avent bottle, and then cut an x on the top of the bottle, so it would flow a little easier. Every time we would feed him, we would keep a record of how much he ate, and when we fed him. Each time we also began the session by trying to get him to take the teat himself. The last thing we wanted to do was give him powered milk, but we had some on had, just in case.

On the 8th, just as Aladdin was walking (backwards only) our goat Pinkie had twin girls. We named the girls Tinkerbell and Wendy. Tinker bell is black and white, and Wendy is mostly black with a white spot on the top of her head. Pinkie, Wendy, and Tinkerbell

On the 11th, the female Smtarbright had two males, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba. Smtarbright would not feed them, she would not clean them. We were back to feeding the babies, and we had to squirt the two of them with a little of her milk. Finally, by day three she was cleaning her kids.

Captain Jack Sparrow, and Simba

Here we are near the end of the month. Captain Jack, still needs a little help in the morning getting on his mom. I feed them, and that allows her to relax to allow Captain Jack to get milk in the morning.

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Thomas Row

Thomas Row was born March 7th 1754 in Gloucester County, Virginia. He wore many hats in his long life. He was a farmer, revolutionist, grist mill operator, justice of the peace, High Sheriff, school commissioner, magistrate, and a slave owner.

Thomas married Rachel Keeling, and the two of them went on to have 13 children. In 1774 Thomas would join the rebels against Great Britain. He was under the command of Captain Thomas Gaskins   4th Company of the fifth regiment foot. The regiment served in Virginia until the autumn of 1776. The regiment was then transferred to George Washington’s Continental Army. Gaskins saw action in 1777, at the “Battle of Brandywine”, and the “Battle of Germantown”. Thomas Row spelled his name with ending with an e, and sometimes without the e. The scribe for the unit would often spell his name as WROE. When his time was served he mustered out on March 5th 1778.

Thomas the began purchasing land in Orange County and moved his family there in 1779. He would go on to acquire 400 acres on both sides of Mine run. He operated his grist mill, farmed, and served his local community as the magistrate, justice of the peace and sheriff. When he died at 86 he was acting as High Sheriff. He was appointed as High Sheriff by the Governor of Virginia.

The special collections department at the University of Virginia has “Rachels Book of Common Prayers”. It has pages with her handwriting of the names of birthdays of her thirteen children. It also has the names of birthrates of 39 slaves born between 1793 and 1839.

Rachel died when she was in her 70’s. Thomas remarried after the passing of Rachel. He and Sarah Shadrack would obtain prenuptial agreement, since each of the them had a substantial sum of money to bring to the marriage. Each of them wanted to be able to give their children an inheritance.

Just to give you an idea of what was appraised, and the prices for the appraised goods, here is an image…Appraisi

Thomas had a total of 22 slaves at one time. If you are interested in finding out more information about Thomas, there are more images of documents at Ancestry 

Therapy Thursday, Throwback Thursday

Rockridge, A District in Oakland

We lived in Rockridge, a district in Oakland, just two short years ago. We loved living in Oakland. I know, I know, people say that it is dangerous, and it is the ugly step sister of San Francisco. Oakland has some great restaurants, and beautiful parks. The Rockridge area is beautiful, in the hills, there are staircases that lead all around the hillside. Zachary’s Pizza is one of the best pizzeria”s in the country. One year it was part of the top ten in the country. Barney’s is one of the best burgers in California, I prefer the pesto chicken, but the rest of the family always ate the burgers. These are only two of the establishments that are on College Ave.

We often would walk from our house to College Avenue to shop at Rockridge Kids, or the antique shop. There are a couple of book stores that we would browse. I don’t recall ever going home without a book. We would stop every time at Market Hall, which is like an old fashioned market. There is a flower shop, bakery, fish market, butcher shop, and small market. The children were allowed to chose one cup cake before we walked back home.

Living in the city was a great experience for the children, walking to each of our destinations. We visited the zoo’s of the Bay Area every Friday, went to a park every Thursday. We are grateful for our experience of living in the city of Oakland. I know there are many people that love the city. Maybe someday it will get the respect that it deserves. Rockridge