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The Heart of Our House

The table has always been the heart of our house. We eat our dinner together and our breakfast. Many life changing designs have been made at our table. When the children were younger we asked them what they wanted to do. Our son told us he wanted a hotel with a vineyard. We used to go to Napa often, and the children went with us. He would tell us in great detail about his hotel and vineyard. There was a nice restaurant at the hotel. He would tell us how he would engage with some of the guests.

Ou daughter wanted a farm, and she would tell us elaborate stories of her farm. We used to laugh so hard when the two of them would talk about how he would buy his organic food from her. She would tell her prices, and he would threaten to get his produce from other sources. She would tell us how she would protect her pigs from her father. He would tease her telling her how he wanted to make prosciutto. She would tell him that she did not want her pigs in wheel chairs. If they were in wheel chairs she would have to help them get their wheels out of the mud.

We still have that table, it even has a heart carved on the table by my daughter. It is at the table that we decided to sell our properties in the Bay Area, and start following our dreams. My husband wanted to live on a piece of property that had no other people close to us. When we lived in the city, there was a guy that cut his grass every Saturday at 6PM. Which was super annoying! We were just tired of the crime, traffic, and not feeling satisfied. My dream has always been to have my own campus with a museum. I have had plans for it since I was a teenager. Our county allows ag-tour businesses.

Today, we still gather around our table, and the mornings are filled with funny stories from our iPads as we eat and read the news together. I would rather have my breakfast and listen to everyone, than sleeping in for a little while. Here is our heart of the house. How often do you gather at your table?IMG_5248

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